July 26, 2017

Oh boy! It's a heavy one this week! On episode 26 of the No Objective Gaming Podcast, Aaron and Jordan discuss the often-debated topic of whether gaming is bad for you or good for you! They discuss (or at least try to) the science behind the effect that long periods of gaming has on your brain and the changes that happen physically. We also talk about our strategies for not getting burnt out from playing too much (especially online competitive games) and how doing other activities can help you enjoy coming back to sitting on the couch and jamming out a mad PS4 session! We also discuss the release of the Destiny 2 beta and the general opinions on how it plays compared to its predecessor, and the release of the Call of Duty World War 2 NAZI ZOMBIES teaser trailer! Also, we do a quick run through of the results of day 1 of the Overwatch World Cup group stage that took place in Sydney the day before the show (hint: Australia KICKED ASS). As usual if you like our show and what we're all about please subscribe and follow the channel on Twitch to catch us LIVE on Saturday mornings (watch us instead of Saturday Disney!). If you want to drop us a message jump on the Discord channel in the link below and chat with us straight away, and you can even organise a game with some new friends there too. iTunes reviews are always welcome, and help the show a lot, but mostly we just want you to have a laugh and enjoy the show! Until next week! 

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