July 18, 2017

Ah, childhood. One of the great, forgettable mysteries of life! But who could POSSIBLY forget the hours spent chilling out with your siblings in front of the TV smashing each other in Crash Bash, or racing in the streets of Need for Speed Underground! Or maybe you were a solo gamer as a kid and you lived your life in the fantastic worlds of the Final Fantasy universe, or tank-controlling your way through Resident Evil and Silent Hill! Whatever your childhood, we have you covered as Jordan’s brother Connor joins the lads for a discussion on everything good and bad about growing up as gamers! We also talk about the moderate amount of gaming news in the week, including the start of the Overwatch League and much much more! If you like the cut of Connor’s jib you can check him out on his movie podcast called Fish and Connor Saw a Movie (chuck that in the iTunes search and I’m sure you’ll find it). Please jump on our Discord through the link below to chat with us and group up for games of Final Fantasy and Overwatch whenever you like, and find other like-minded gamers to talk with! As always if you like the show please tell your friends and give the show a share on social media, then jump on our Twitch as Aaron continues his rampage through the entire Final Fantasy series! Enjoy!

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