July 11, 2017

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN! What a great song, with a great riff, much like the greatness of this episode! This week Aaron and Jordan discuss everything indie games, and the MASSIVE impact that it has had on the gaming industry. We talk about what we think the future will look like where more and more solo and small-team developers can publish their own games (and in some cases, works of art), and how this model will effect the AAA publishers. We get into our favourite indie titles and the evolution of some indie developers into lucrative companies. We also talk about the week in gaming news (as usual), including the release of DOOMFIST (sadly, not voiced by Terry Crews) for Overwatch and the announcement that all of the Super Nintendo Minis are COMPLETELY SOLD OUT in Australia, and one of the lads might have bought one… (Hint: it’s not Jordan). As usual, if you like the show please share it with your friends and let them know how they can watch us live on Twitch every weekend! If you want to watch us stream our gameplays then Jordan does Overwatch nights on Fridays and Aaron has just begun his 30 Years of Final Fantasy stream where he will be playing all the Final Fantasy games AS REQUESTED BY YOU! So jump on, give us a follow and chat with us live! Enjoy!

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