June 28, 2017

This week on the No Objective Gaming Podcast, Aaron and Jordan discuss the hotly debated topic: just how IN are retro games? Are they in the midst of a comeback? Have they ALREADY come back and we're just late on the uptake? Or are they on their way out? Is asking so many dumb questions frustrating you? Well! We have the show for you! We also discuss the week in gaming news, or lack thereof because it was the week after E3, as well as the few releases that came out. But for the most part we discuss our trip the a retro games sale in the middle of someone's front yard! You might even call it a YARD SALE! (listen to the episode and you'll get the joke...)
We picked up a few games and talk about our history with them, and as usual we have a few people who jumped in the chat LIVE with us!
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