June 28, 2017

Well, once again E3 has come and gone for another year! And as much as this year may have been a little disappointing for some (yeah, we were a little bummed out) we put a show together for you to discuss our (unwanted) thoughts and feels on the subject. What do you think? Did you love what you saw? Were you disappointed? Or was this just more of the same? Together with our good friend Scuba, we share our thoughts for basically the whole show, and it takes over the news segment for this week COMPLETELY, discussing each developer’s show and ALL the games that were shown! So yeah, as usual we take a quick peak at the releases for the week (some rally game?) before gasbagging for an hour and a half! Do you like swearing and strong opinions? Do you have a beard and want to compare them with Aaron and Jordan? Well the No Objective Gaming Podcast is for you! And if you wanna chat with us and our friends please jump in our Discord channel and game with us! Happy listening!

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