May 22, 2017

WELCOME TO THE MOST EPIC DECIDER OF THE CENTURY! In the blue corner we have the CONSOLE PLEBS, always telling the rest of us how simple their machine is without ever realising how simple THEY are! And in the red corner we have the PC MASTER RACE, never missing a chance to sniff their own farts! Who will win in what is arguably a bigger debate than Trump vs Hillary? Listen and find out! This week big bad Shane returns as we rundown each element of their gaming performance, whether it be Social Capabilities, Hardware Performance, Price Point, etc. We also discuss our history on both systems and give our verdict on which one we prefer and have the most nostalgia with! We also discuss the big news about Destiny 2’s gameplay trailer and all the controversy that has been abounds after the announcement that there will be NO DEDICATED SERVERS FOR PC! As always we discuss our week in gaming (Aaron: being a weeb, Jordan: Overwatch masterlord) and the new releases that have snuck by in the shadow of all this news! So as usual if you like the show PLEASE subscribe and share away with your gaming mates, and jump on our Discord in the link below to chat with other fans of the show and group up for all sorts of games! Happy listening!

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